News 2011

Corpus e-Ready creating "Inclusion" in Bharat


While it is generally stated to be an "incredible" country, India is certainly that and much more. We are on the start of the ascent to some more incredible feats – like having the youngest workforce in the world by 2020. Or the largest consumer market of 1.2 B people. However, while we look at our growth from a high point, seldom do we realize that 80% of our "youngest" workforce will be in Rural India as will 80% of the largest consumer market we offer to the world. Our strength, therefore is Rural India. Not our Metros.


While offer this huge rural market to the World, only a handful of our own corporate or companies look to this market seriously and try and work in it. We mostly leave the management and development of this market to the NGS and Not for Profits. We seldom look to empowering this huge mass ( which is our strength) and leave that as a social responsibility of the Government.


We at Corpus think otherwise. Today we have more than 300 feet on the ground, working with our rural and semi urban citizens to empower them with identities, employment opportunities and development paths. Currently addressing 13,50,000 citizens, we hope to grow them to more than 1 Cr. Citizens harnessing their combined power to grow the country by enabling them for "Inclusive" services and development . Thus our inclusion strategy, dovetailing with other Govt. programs like the CSCs, UID, Social Justice etc., provides for an all encompassing program for citizen inclusion, youth development and social justice. Currently this inclusion strategy is working on the ground in Himachal Pradesh and is targeted to be spread to at least 3 other states, covering a population of more than 2 Cr. Citizens and youth.