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Lab49, a Corpus Company, First To Create A Dedicated Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Practice Within Financial Services Industry


Boston, June 11, 2007: Linedata Services (LIN.FP), a global leader in the financial technology market, today previewed LongView Live, the next-generation of its powerful, global, multi-asset class order management system.


LongView Live offers two major advances that are set to change the face of buy-side trading:


First, LongView Live is an open system that offers seamless integration with broker/dealers, execution management systems, and liquidity destinations like dark pools, all in a broker-neutral environment and on a real-time (or "Live") screen.


Second, LongView Live utilizes Microsoft's latest software technology - called Windows Presentation Foundation - as the foundation for the platform, to create a graphics-intensive, highly intuitive user interface.


"Linedata Services' LongView Trading has introduced a number of 'firsts' to the trading space," said Linedata Services Chief Operating Officer, Annie Morris. "LongView Live presents yet another first for the financial markets, providing a user-centric, integrated environment, which eliminates the need for traders to be switching between different windows, monitors, and systems."


Working together with Lab49, a consultancy that specializes in building advanced applications for global financial institutions, Linedata Services has developed a radically new way to access the market, offering the first trading platform to emphasize data visualization.


"By utilizing Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation, incorporating three-dimensional graphics, live charts, transparency, and animation, we have created novel visualizations for complex, real-time data feeds, enabling rich user interaction," said Daniel Chait, co-founder and managing director, Lab49. "LongView Live will provide users with a smooth and scalable platform that presents data, not just information."


"Linedata Services and Lab49 have applied Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation technology to create an interface that is truly innovative and uniquely user-centric for the order-management space," said Stevan Vidich, U.S. capital markets industry technology strategist, Microsoft Corp. "This approach changes the order management system user-interface from something that looks like the control board for a factory into an easy-to-read visual interface reminiscent of a cockpit for a fighter jet."


Notes to Editors

About Linedata Services Linedata Services leads the financial-services technology market, developing solutions and services to help the industry manage the investment process. Linedata Services' asset management offering is a complete set of best-of-breed software products, spanning front to back-office. Linedata Services' solutions address the specific requirements of mutual and institutional funds, alternative and hedge funds, fund administrators, prime brokers and private wealth companies.


Linedata Services' products are available through traditional deployment options, as well as through an ASP (Application Service Provider) model, providing hosted hardware and software management. Linedata Services has 20 years' experience delivering ASP solutions.


Headquartered in France and listed on the Paris stock exchange, Linedata Services achieved revenues of EUR 148.3 million in 2006, has offices worldwide and services more than 1000 clients across 50 countries. For more information visit Linedata Services at www.ldsam.com


About LongView Trading

LongView Trading is Linedata Services' powerful, electronic, global, multi-asset class order management system developed to support the needs of portfolio managers, traders, compliance officers and operations personnel. The comprehensive system provides portfolio modeling, electronic trading, pre-trade compliance and unparalleled access to liquidity. Through numerous partnerships and seamless integration, LongView offers customers access to the liquidity sources of their choice.

Corpus announces Bundling solution for leading Telecom partner


Dallas, Texas - September 14, 2007- CORPUS, Inc.,one of the fastest growing IT consulting services firms based in Dallas , Texas , announces a next-generation scalable solution for the converged communications market that was recently deployed for a leading US telecoms company.


Corpus was invited by one of the leading service providers to help them improve revenue and customer loyalty by creating a cross-partner, cross-platform solution that seamlessly enables bundling of products provided by various wire-line, wireless, and satellite affiliates and partners. Corpus was involved in the end-to-end life cycle activities from program management to requirements analysis, architecture, design, development, quality assurance and support.


Our bundling solution improves our clients' profitability by reducing churn as demonstrated in the illustration below.



Corpus' real-time messaging solution which replaced the existing legacy systems resulted in significant success for our client in growing market share. Our solution provides end-consumers of voice, data and video services to gain significant discounts and savings via grouping of products from various affiliate orderings systems.


From a technology standpoint, Corpus' adaptation of industry best practices and the usage of the SOA framework facilitate the maintenance of these bundles of products across affiliate ordering systems which has traditionally proven difficult to achieve with frequently inflexible legacy batch processing systems.


Sachin Tummala, CEO at Corpus remarked,

"This was a great win for us and demonstrates our commitment to the Converged Communications Markets as one of our core focus markets.


With the industry consolidating - in terms of the communications services delivered to end-consumers as well as the companies delivering those services - we believe Corpus has a much larger role to play in helping our customers traverse the opportunities and challenges brought about by convergence and enabling them to get to market quickly and profitably."


BellExpressVu selects Corpus Media Labs to develop iTV Applications


Corpus has been the vendor of choice for Bell Expressvu for all iTV applications. During this year, Corpus was selected to develop and enhance applications related to Channels on Demand and Purchase Portal. These applications enable users to log on to the customer care portal, upgrade the subscription package and also buy specific channels. Essentially, it allows subscribers to modify their packages without calling Bell thereby reducing calls to the customer care center


About BellExpressVu

Bell TV, formerly known as Bell ExpressVu, Dish Network Canada and ExpressVu Dish Network, is the division of Bell Canada Enterprises that provides satellite television service across Canada. It launched on September 10, 1997 and as of 2004 it has been providing "ExpressVu TV for Condos", a VDSL service provided to select multidwelling units (condominiums and apartments) in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Bell TV provides over 500+ digital video and 90 HD and audio channels to, as of May 2008, over 1.8 million subscribers. Its major competitors include satellite service Shaw Direct, as well as various cable and communications companies across Canada, such as Rogers Communications, Shaw Communications, and Vidéotron