Video Content Monetization Service


Monetize OTT services, build subscription revenue, grow your online entertainment businessand reduce customer churn with Corpus Monetization Services

Corpus understands the need of sound monetization strategies for the online entertainment and OTT industry. If you are a Content Owner, Aggregator, Broadcaster, Telco, DTH or MSO player, Corpus helps you improve your customers’ experience while maximizing your recurring revenue streams

VideoCorpus allows you to choose from In-App purchases, pay wallets or your own billing solutions.

Corpus supports many video monetization options:

Video Ad Monetization - AVOD

Monetize your Video Streaming Platform by running Video and Banner Ads.

VideoCorpus supports pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls ads on your videos across Web, Mobile Apps and TV Apps and monetize on Ad Supported Model (AVOD)

VideoCorpus seamlessly integrates with 3rd party Video Ad servers like MobFox, Optimatic, OpenX, AdMob, AdSense, Google TFP etc and providers you with a higher control over your Ad inventory and campaigns.

Integrating with Ad Servers offer you a higher degree of control over your ad inventory allowing you to sell and upload your own ads.

Transactional Monetization - TVOD

Boost your video revenues by charging for your most popular assets. Corpus makes it possible with an easy and smooth purchase process. Charge your audience for access to on-demand assets or live-streams on a pay-per-view (PPV) basis.

Subscription Monetization - SVOD

Make your video content available to your audience for a fixed amount per month. Subscription is the video monetization model that generates the most predictable recurring revenue stream. Corpus lets you sell subscriptions and manages viewer’s account and charges them automatically.